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Cleanroom Door

Maintain each cleanliness standard for you

With years of experience, Flybol can design and manufacture the best doors for your clean room on the base of your requirements and budgets. Flybol-made clean room doors are sturdy, easy to operate and has exquisite appearance.

Doors are important for cleanrooms. Their role is not only for the access of personnel and goods, but also preventing cross-contamination. View panel on the door is mainly applied in seeing obstacles, monitoring work flow and maximizing the use of natural light.

Cleanroom door advantage

clean room door applications

Wide Range of Uses

Cleanroom door is suitable for all kinds of sandwich panel board purification projects and widely used in various clean industries, such as medicine, food, cosmetics, electronic manufacturing, etc.

clean room door design

OEM Service

Clean door size can be customized and colors are optional.

clean room doors installation

Convenience of Installation and Cleaning

Excellent Anti-corrosion and Flame Resistance

clean room doors materials

Raw Material in Conformity with National Standards

The filling materials in clean doors all conform to the national standard of fire-proof materials. The volume weight of rock wool is not less than 90KG/m3, and flame retardant paper honeycomb and aluminum honeycomb have acceptance indexes.

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Material Selection

Flybol offers several clean room door options, ranging from aluminum alloy door to steel door. Our specialists can help you determine which material of doors  will best suit your purpose.


Flybol-made clean room doors (manual or motorized) range from automatic sliding doors to safety door. Fire-proof door and high speed rolling door are also available.

More Cleanroom Door Options

clean room door design


Standard sizes or Made-to-measure


Blue, white, grey, red, yellow or Custom colors

Door Frame

Standard material or Made-to-measure frame

Opening direction

Left opened or Right opened or Push-pull

Observation window

5mm, double-glazed tempered panel windows


Stainless steel handle lock, Toggle lock, Spherical Lock, etc.

Door closer

Unfold installation or Concealed installation


Stainless steel

Unfold installation or Concealed installation or Self locking




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