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Choosing Clean Room Doors for Food Facilities

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Choosing clean room doors for the food facilities can be complicated. Many people do not know the key considerations related to it. If you are one of those, who do not know anything about clean room door then no problem! We are here to help you out! At present, we are going to tell you the things you should know while choosing the clean room doors for food facilities. 


1. Smooth Flat Surface

When you are choosing the clean room sliding doors, then you have to make sure they have a smooth flat surface. If these doors have a smooth and flat surface, then it will be easy for you to clean them. The dust and dirt will not settle down on the small spaces of the doors. You can either choose the doors with embedded windows or the one that is entirely flush with clean walls.

2. Simple To Integrate

You must consider the system dependence of these doors. Many operating room doors suppliers are offering such doors that have integrated systems. It makes it hard to modify the parameters within the food facility devoid of compromising the integrity of the door.

When it comes to installing the independent doors, then it is simple for you. You can easily install these doors without caring about the manufacturer or supplier.

3. Thick Door Panels

The clean room doors manufacturers provide these doors with thick and thin panels. You have to choose the doors with thick panels. These types of doors are durable. They have a sturdy design and can bear the shock. The recommended thickness of these doors is 60 mm. The thickness increases the reliability and strength factor in these doors.

4. Choose The Best Material

When it comes to the best material, then there is none other than aluminum. The aluminum doors are reliable, strong, and durable as compared to steel and other materials. On the other hand, the aluminum, clean room door price is reasonable. 

5. Air Tightness Capability

The airtightness capability is also important to factor to consider while selecting the clean room door. However, you should know the level of airtightness. The tightness of air must be around 3.3 m3/hm2 at the pressure of 200 PS.

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6. Maximum Resistant Power

The clean room doors should have maximum resistance power. They clean rooms for food facilities are exposed to extreme cleaning each day. Different chemical products are used to clean these doors. It is important for you to get the doors that are resistant to the typical practice of the cleaning items. No reaction should occur when it is cleaned by any cleaning product. The manufacturers usually provide instructions and guidelines for the cleaning of these doors. You must follow them carefully.

7. Protection Glazing

When we talk about cleanroom for food facilities, the protection comes first. All components of the item must be designed according to the protection needs. Some companies provide such doors that are protection glazing. It implies that when a window breaks then it will not scatter away. It will stay at its place.




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