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Cleanroom Doors And Their Functions

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Clean rooms are important to control the contamination in specific places. For that reason, the doors used for these rooms must be efficient in contamination control. The clean room door is ideal for this purpose. Moreover, it has an exceptional design when it comes to air distribution and filtration.

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Cleanroom Doors And Their Functions

The designers and creators of clean room sliding doors are paying attention to the design and features of these doors. 

They make these doors in different materials and forms. The doors that have a flat surface are easy to install and use. Dust does not settle in these doors so the people can easily clean them up. At present, we are going to talk about these doors and their functions.

Steel Door

The steel door for cleanroom is used in different industries, including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and food. 

They have the following functions:

• These doors do not get affected by the fire. The material used in making them is completely fireproof.

• They have a sturdy and durable design.

• Many operating room doors suppliers are offering automatic steel doors in which advanced technology is incorporated. It implies that these doors can open and close automatically. Or else, they can perform various automatic functions.

• They are simple to clean and good when it comes to the tightness of air.

Aluminum Alloy Doors

The doors made up of aluminum alloy are exceptional in design. These doors are mostly preferred because of their material. The clean room doors manufacturers are creating these doors such a way that they can fulfill the demands of the users and companies. Some of the important functions of these doors are the following:

• They are excellent in air tightening, filtration, and distribution as contrasted to the doors of other materials.

• They are hard-wearing and long-lasting as the material does not get affected by different environmental conditions.

• These doors can easily resist various chemical products. You can easily use any chemical product for cleaning this door daily. It will neither get damaged nor will it's quality low down.

• It is bendable and flexible. Due to this reason, it does not get damaged by any shocks or bends.

• Advanced air pressure technological innovation is featured in these doors to maintain the air pressure in the clean room.

• It contains interlocks that ensure protection and safety for the engineers.

Melamine Doors

The melamine doors are not mostly recommended by many specialists. The clean room doors manufacturers create these doors in various sizes and designs. They are primarily used in pharmaceutical companies. The functions of these doors are as follows:

• The air filter technology in these doors is good. With its help, they can maintain the air pressure in the room.

• It can clean up fast. However, you can only use particular chemicals to clean it up on a daily basis.

Final Word

After looking at the above types of clean room doors and their functions, it will be easy for you to judge that the aluminum alloy doors are the best. The aluminum alloy clean room door price is also low than the others. Moreover, these doors have different functions like air pressure control, flexibility, and protection.




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