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Cleanroom Equipment for Optimal Safety

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Clean rooms are special rooms for a specific purpose and their equipment needs to be made according to certain standards of safety.  Personnel entering these rooms need to wear protective gear in order to not contaminate the room and also to keep themselves protected from chemicals. 

clean room windows

Cleanroom windows

Cleanroom windows are designed in a way so as not to catch dust. They have a certain shape and style that makes them easy to clean and that discourages the accumulation of microorganisms. They may be rectangular in shape, full length, teardrop shape, etc.

The design may be flushed or semi flushed. Flushed means the window is without any ledge. This helps keep the window dust and germ-free. Semi flushed windows have small rubber edges that are also easy to clean. 

Double Glazed windows for sale

Double glazed windows are insulating windows with two sheets of glass separated by a vacuum or gas-filled space. This design eliminates heat transfer across the window.

Various companies are providing services in Double Glazed Windows. Usually, these windows don’t fit into existing windows which must be replaced entirely.

However, there is the technology of second glazing which can be applied to the existing windows and which costs less. A general survey into the marketplace will reveal many local and international options for buying Double Glazed Windows.

Cleanroom Panels

Clean rooms are sterile areas that are kept free of dust, microbes and aerosol particles. These rooms are used by pharmaceutical companies to manufacture sterile equipment and medicines.

The panels lining the rooms must be versatile and durable in nature. Pharmaceutical companies wash the panels frequently with chemicals to remove any microbial growth and fungi, and the panels must be chemical resistant.

Cleanroom panels come in all kinds of specifications according to customized orders. They may be made from stainless or porcelainized steel, melamine, wood or finer glass.

Aluminum panels are the most suitable for electronic companies because they are non-static, non-outgassing and resist particle shedding. Furthermore, electric cleanroom panels need to be non - combustible and light in weight. 

Cleanroom Doors

Cleanroom doors are an essential part of cleanrooms because they seal the cleanroom environment keeping dust and microbes at bay. Several factors need to be kept in mind when designing or buying cleanroom doors.

The doors should be completely flat without any edges where dust could settle. They should be shock-resistant and also resist bending. Aluminum doors are the strongest and most durable in this respect. They should be airtight. Not just the door but the hinges etc. should be of prime quality.

Some companies manufacture system-dependent doors. These cannot be fitted in every building and are specific for that company. Care should be taken in this regard at the time of ordering.

The doors should have safety glazing to render them shatterproof, and an anti-static surface that will not attract microbes. 

Cleanroom Doors Manufacturers

Many options are available in the market regarding clean door manufacturers and a buyer is advised to explore all possible options before placing an order. 




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