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Flybol Sent Christmas Caring to Employees

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December 24th is Christmas Eve, it was Christmas Eve. Flybol who is professional in purifying doors and windows and color steel plates launched a special activity. Our employees wore Christmas hats, dressed up as Santa Claus, and distributed exquisite Christmas gift packages prepared by the company to each employee.


Christmas should be a time of celebration, with the aroma of flowers and wine, good conversation, and good memories. May your Christmas be full of special moments, warmth, peace and happiness, the joy of people covered in snow, and wish you a merry Christmas and a happy year.


The rhythm of Christmas in 2020 has quietly arrived. Flybol Environmental-a professional pass box manufacturer held a "Christmas Welcome" celebration and entered the festive atmosphere in advance. During the event, the personnel administration department conveyed Christmas blessings to the participants and carefully prepared holiday gifts. The event added a festive atmosphere to Christmas, mobilized everyone's team cohesion, and fully demonstrated Flybol's corporate culture of humanistic care.

 Merry Christmas

In the workplace, Christmas is the whole atmosphere full of Christmas laughter. This atmosphere brings a better working atmosphere to the people of Flybol, a happy holiday and a warm blessing. Enjoying these not only adds to the festive atmosphere, but is also important for people to have a happy mood to work better.


Through this activity, employees can feel the care of the company while working hard, and enhance their sense of belonging while encouraging the atmosphere of the workplace.


We are about to send away the fruitful 2020, and will quietly usher in the hopeful 2021. I wish all employees a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year's Day. I also wish the company a prosperous and prosperous business in the new year.




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