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How to Choose the Right Door for Your Cleanroom?

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Clean rooms must have strictly controlled environmental parameters: airborne particles, temperature, humidity, airflow, internal air pressure, and lighting and are usually common in laboratories, medical centers, hospitals. This explains why there is a need for unique doors to ensure that optimal environmental parameters are maintained. 

There are different types of cleanroom doors used at strategic positions. They include automatic doors for the main entrance, hermetic doors for surgical areas, or automatic sliding doors with panic for evacuation routes during an emergency. All the components that constitute the cleanroom doors must guarantee a level of total security in the opening and closing phases, strictly complying with the regulations.

However, clean rooms are not only present in the health and pharmaceutical fields, but also in other sectors such as food, technology, cosmetics, biosecurity, and more.

When choosing a door for a clean room, you need to consider some factors.

Let’s take a look at them thus;

Clean Room Doors

The type of cleanroom

The automatic door is ideal for places like the pharmaceutical laboratories, the cosmetics, and food industry. Now, let us look at the two types of automatic doors suitable for these mentioned locations thus;

  • Fast doors for pharmaceutical laboratories, cosmetics, and food industry

For this type of areas, the fast door is ideal. This exclusive door type comprises of a model of a rapid roll-up door made of 1,200 g / m2 canvas. This fast door is self-repairing, is designed with a self-supporting structure, prewiring and quick connections which makes its installation is quite simple. Its structure and guides are made of galvanized steel, and aluminum.

The fast door is the best solution for pharmaceutical laboratories, cosmetics, and food industry to achieve the maximum tightness of clean or clean rooms as it prevents contamination of the room by suspended particles from outside. Also, cleanroom doors manufacturers equip cleanroom doors with all necessary safety devices, including an integrated traffic light.

  • Automatic doors

This type is unique for the hospital sector. There are several models of automatic doors for hospitals which include the swing and sliding versions. The automatic doors are best for the main entrance, hermetic doors for surgical areas, or automatic sliding doors with panic for emergency evacuation routes.

The components and features

These doors are manufactured with the optimum materials for the type of use required such as phenolic resin laminated panels, stainless steel, antibacterial lacquered steel, glass with specific characteristics for acoustic insulation and, if necessary, protection of the sheet against to x-rays by lead. So, when requesting form your cleanroom doors manufacturers, you need to consider these features.

In the case of sliding automatic door models, the movement of the hinge should guarantee smooth, quiet and safe operation for the users. 

The level of safety

These door models have specific safety functions in the opening and closing phase, speed control of the blade, and anti-crushing service in case of impact. Also, they have the most advanced self-test functions according to the latest regulations in force.

Other than the factors mentioned above, you need to consider your budget too. Here, it would help if you carried out a market survey for the varying clean room door prices in the market to make sure that you get the best for your building.




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