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How to Decorate the Biological Clean Laboratory

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As people increasingly focus on maximizing product output, improving quality control, and ensuring safety, companies in many industries are seeking Companies are installing clean rooms and controllable, managed environments.

Clean room doors manufacturers are a vital part of getting your laboratory up and running.

Clean room Bio labs

Whether you want to build a Class 1 environment for nanotechnology research, or you need a temperature-controlled enclosure to protect complex machinery or processes,

For companies that need to comply with specific design standards, they must understand that the construction and operation of clean rooms can meet the requirements of different cleanliness levels, depending on the environmental conditions required for their use.

The density of mechanical and process services in microelectronics or pharmaceutical equipment can lead to crowded technology spaces.

Therefore, flexibility must be integrated into the overall design of the clean room to accommodate expansion and modification and integration of new equipment and tools.

Closely related to this requirement is the need to quickly replace equipment to minimize downtime, thereby increasing productivity, reducing costs, and minimizing pollution opportunities. If the clean room is designed with scalability and flexibility in mind, then replacement costs will be reduced in the future.

Chase wall

Racks on the walls of pharmaceutical facilities can be used to house mechanical piping systems, electrical equipment, process equipment, and other equipment.

Due to the large number of services running on the wall, the thickness of the groove may vary from 6 inches to 12 inches to 18 inches deep. It is necessary to provide access to these racks and allow future expansion of the pipeline.

Clean room doors

It’s important to get doors from a reputable clean room doors manufacturer in order to ensure that there is no cross-breeze or air seepage through the door. You need to make sure that your laboratory has a certain air pressure inside.

Laboratory pass through windows and clean room windows

These kind of windows are specially designed so that they do not capture any sort of dust or debris on the sides. These also need to be easy to clean, don’t become breeding ground for microorganisms and are solid enough to handle any pressure inside the clean room

Seamless wall (when needed)

Functionality is another important function, especially when using vertical slats to connect wall panels or when using a seamless wall system. The seamless wall system provides a smooth appearance and a continuous appearance. Although this feature is aesthetically appealing, it is not always practical. In biotechnology and pharmaceutical applications, seamless walls are essential to eliminate gaps where organic materials may grow. In semiconductor facilities where the slats only extend 1/16 inch from the wall, this is not a major issue.

clean room

Slat wall

Most semiconductor facilities are modified not only after the clean room installation but also during the installation process. Usually, the equipment may not be able to reach the work site until later in the project, otherwise the layout may need to be changed according to process changes. In either case, the slat wall system can provide greater flexibility and a consistent appearance for on-site modification.




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