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Necessary Installation for Clean Room - Clean Doors and Windows

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In order to maximize the clean room air purification function and effectively prevent external polluted air from penetrating into the clean room through the gaps between doors and windows, it is required that the clean room doors and windows have excellent air tightness, and frequent entry and exit of personnel and goods requires the clean door to be opened and closed It must have good stability under repeated actions.


Flybol is an excellent clean room door manufacturer, its clean room doors and windows are used for 1-100k clean room and color steel plate compartment projects. The airtightness and stability are excellent, and their specific performances are better than the general clean doors and windows on the market. Specific performance is as follows:

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Cleanroom Doors

1. Airtightness

The clean door adopts a sealed dispensing foaming process. The CNC dispensing machine AB glue automatically dispenses foam. The adhesive seal is installed inside the door body. The amount of dispensing can be adjusted according to the size of the gap between the door and the frame to control the foam height and gap Better fit and better tightness. Compared with traditional seals, it has the advantages of long service life, high rebound, anti-tension and no pollution.


2. Robustness

When enterprises use clean doors and windows, they often find that the clean doors and windows are not durable. Some wearing parts are particularly easy to damage, and even some doors do not even have door closers. In order to solve these problems, Flybol clean doors use the best accessories, special 100-year-old German DORMA door closers, rugged and durable, impact resistance and deformation.


3. Door and glass

Flybol clean door uses a double-layer 1.2mm steel plate, and the structure is strengthened inside. It has the advantages of sturdiness, wear resistance, flame retardant, heat insulation and sound insulation. clean. The door material is available in steel plate paint and all stainless steel. The steel plate paint material can be customized according to customer requirements.


Clean room windows

Flybol clean room window is double-layer 5mm tempered glass, aluminum alloy frame and sealed by an effective sealant. A desiccant that absorbs water vapor is installed between the two layers of glass to ensure that the interior of the hollow glass is a dry air layer, and there is no water vapor or dust. It has good heat insulation, sound insulation, leakage prevention, anti-penetration performance, black edge design, beautiful appearance, simple and transparent.

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The purpose of installing and using clean doors and windows is to reduce air circulation and penetration to a minimum, ensure the clean and dust-free performance of clean rooms, and prevent cross-contamination. Flybol cleanroom windows not only can effectively maintain a closed and dust-free environment, maximize the purification performance, but also achieve the highest quality in the configuration of each group of accessories, high stability, high sealing, high value. Flybol is committed to becoming a leader in clean equipment and related services, meeting the individual needs of different customers, and providing you with the highest quality products and the most professional solutions that are not limited to clean doors and windows.




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