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Precautions for installation and maintenance of air shower

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一. Installation


1. The manufacturer of the air shower recognizes that the air shower should be installed on a level ground, where the concentration of dust particles is low and there is no vibration;


2. The fan has been equipped with a shock absorber, and the air shower products generally do not need to be subjected to shock absorption treatment.


3. When assembling the air shower, first level the floor of the air shower so that there is no gap between the box body and the box body, and then fasten the connection with bolts.

 Air Shower



Check before commissioning


1. Check whether the parts of the air shower are intact and installed firmly, and whether the tightness between the fan and the motor is proper.


2. Whether the shock absorber fixing card of the fan base has been disassembled (the new product is a spring fixing card to prevent vibration during transportation, which should be removed when testing).


3. The products of the air shower manufacturer ensure that all parts are kept clean, especially the initial effect, high efficiency filters, etc., and there should be no debris in the box.


4. The manufacturer of the air shower stipulates to check whether the sealing glue between the box body and the box body is damaged and falling off, and whether the sealing is good.


5. Whether the three-phase power supply voltage and wiring meet the requirements, and whether the grounding is good.


Trial run


1. Check whether the indicator light is on and the switch is normal.


2. First, check whether the direction of the fan in the air shower is correct by inching mode. If there is a misalignment, immediately stop and change the phase line to make the fan rotate forward. When there is no abnormality in the jog, it can be put into trial operation once and stop. Try the machine again without exception.


3. Measure the starting current of the air shower with a clamp meter and check whether the running current is normal.


4. Observe the starting current of the fan and motor, and whether the running current is normal.




1. Regularly (three months to six months, depending on the usage), check the usage of the primary filter and high efficiency filter, and remove it for cleaning (a vacuum cleaner can be used to vacuum). When cleaning is invalid, it needs to be updated.


2. Regularly (one month) check the operation of the fan, a major check once a year.


3. Check whether the screw connection bolts are loose every three months. If found, tighten them in time.


The steps of using the air shower after installation are summarized as follows:


Open the front door-air inlet shower room-front door closed-automatic induction blowing-back door open-people out of the air shower room-people behind open the front door-and so on repeatedly.


Note: During the air shower, the front and rear doors of the air shower are locked. Insiders should not open it forcibly to avoid damage to the locking device. If you encounter an emergency, please press the emergency stop switch and all work will stop. Open the door at will. During the idle period, the door of the air shower is in an electronic interlock state. Only one side of the door can be opened, please do not open it forcibly.




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