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Reasons for installing air showers in clean rooms

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Generally speaking, the air shower is a special channel specially set up for the staff and materials to enter the clean room. The purpose is to reduce the dust and bacteria brought by the staff and materials when they enter the clean room, and at the same time, it is to play the role of a closed dust-free room in the airlock room. Installed between the clean room and the non-clean room, it is a necessary passage for entering the clean room.



The air shower room uses a high-efficiency air filter to filter the air flow, and then sprays it on the staff and the material from different directions through the rotating nozzle, so as to remove and reduce the dust particles on the surface of the person and the material. The dusty air passes through the primary and high efficiency air filters and circulates again.



The overall design of the air shower room is a combination of kinetic fluidics, which is fully automatic infrared induction blowing, and the whole process is operated by humanized voice prompts. The double door interlock is adopted, and the door cannot be opened or left at the same time. When the air shower room is working, the double doors must be closed tightly for forced showering.

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The equipment in the air shower room is generally pre-filter, main filter, air jet and blower. The filtering efficiency of the pre-filter is about 15%. The main purpose is to remove relatively coarse dust particles, and this filter device can use water washing or vacuum cleaner to clean the dust; the main filter is mainly to filter the dust above 0.3um, and the filtration efficiency is basically above 99.99%.



However, this kind of filter equipment department is very fragile, so when it is blocked, it needs to be reprocessed; the air jet is mainly used to remove the dust particles attached to the human body, and the effect to be achieved is to strip the particles; the blower mainly removes the air Clean cycle.



Under normal circumstances, the air shower is installed at the entrance of the clean room or sterile room. Generally, the maintenance of the devices in the air shower should be cleaned within a certain period of time according to the situation. For the front filter, it can be cleaned by washing with water or vacuum cleaning. It is normally replaced in three months. If the main filter is tested, it needs to be tested 2 to 4 times a year. The clean workshop should decide whether the device should be replaced according to the wind speed value or the pressure measurement value.



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