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Selecting Cleanroom Components For Pharmaceutical Factory

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Clean rooms, also known as the controlled environment are an essential instrument in specific production and research processes. For example, in the microelectronic industry, an atmosphere is needed in the perfectly particle-free production areas for the manufacture of VLSI (Very Large Scale Integrated) circuits. In the food industry, bacteriological and particle containment are essential requirements to ensure the quality of products.

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However, in the pharmaceutical industry, the cleanroom works to guarantee quality in manufacturing and control operations.

In the pharmaceutical industry, the correct installation and management of the cleanroom facility must be subject to specific objectives. Such objectives include:

· Microbial limitation in occupied areas near aseptic operations, to minimize the introduction of contamination in excluded areas

· microbial exclusion to prevent contamination of surfaces, components and sterile materials during aseptic procedures

· Particle limitation to reduce the particle load on elements before washing

· Particle exclusion should also be guaranteed, but also applied independently for materials washed before sterilization

Here, we’d be looking at the various cleanroom components for the pharmaceutical industry and essential factors to consider when selecting them.


The cleanroom doors:

The cleanroom door is indispensable cleanroom equipment when it comes to the modern cleanroom systems. Its quality directly affects the level of cleanliness of the cleanroom. Therefore, it is essential that the customer correctly identifies the clean door. However, the cleanroom doors should be integrated with safety functions both in the opening and closing phases. There should be speed control and anti-crushing function to control impact. Also, they should also be integrated with the most advanced self-test functions depending on the level of knowledge and innovation available.

clean room sliding door

Cleanroom window:

The cleanroom window is another component in the pharmaceutical industry that helps to ensure sterility. Hence, there is a need for cleanroom manufacturers to perform condensation tests on clean windows. The condensation test standards refer to JIS R3209-1998 "Insulated glass," ASTM E546-88 "Dew point test method of insulated glass" and the British standard BS5713: 1979 "Technical requirements of insulating glass."  

Carrying out condensation tests on the cleanroom windows help manufacturers to achieve better customer services and also to provide customers with the most satisfactory products. This standard test is an essential factor to consider when choosing a cleanroom window manufacturer.


Cleanroom wall panels:

Due to the increasing requirements for the construction of modular cleanrooms, the demand for cleanroom wall panels and ceiling panels for cleanrooms has also increased. Cleanroom modular panels are used in a wide range of applications, such as in a laboratory that requires extremely high temperatures and fire protection. The cleanroom panel prevents dust adhesion and is easy to remove, while the board has wear and chemical resistance.

Before choosing a cleanroom wall panel manufacturer, it is essential to pay attention to their level of experience, competence, and other factors. However, depending on your choice, it is necessary to go for a quick removable cleanroom panel solution, a panel-resistant agent solution (VHP), a cold-proof bridge frame anti-condensation solution, and a fast automatic composition solution.




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