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The Main Features and Usage of Clean Board

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The clean board is used as the substrate to be coated by a special process. The high-performance fluorocarbon coating and porcelain inorganic coating are rich in color and the surface is smooth and smooth. It owns the following characteristics: anti-weathering, scratch resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, easy to clean and fire non-combustible, anti-static, anti-humidity, etc. It is widely used in engineering fields that demanding purification such as electronics, pharmaceutical, food, biological, aerospace, precision instrument manufacturing, and scientific research, etc.

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As an excellent cleanroom door panels supplier, we will share some knowledge with you as follows.


Main features of Fengbo clean board:

1. The surface layer is dense and dust-free

The surface layer of the clean fire board is coated with high-performance fluorocarbon coatings and ceramic inorganic coatings using a special process. The surface is dense and dust-free, which can fully ensure the cleanliness of the air in the clean space.

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2. Excellent scrub resistance

The surface of the fire-resistant clean board has not been affected by the scrub test surface thousands of times, which ensures that the original surface is still maintained under the high-frequency cleaning in the sandwich panel cleanroom.


3. Lasting weather resistance and acid and alkali resistance:

The characteristics of fluorocarbon coatings make the board own good weather resistance and acid and alkali resistance. The clean inorganic plate is used in the case of many solvents and disinfection water used in medical clean rooms. It can still maintain the surface color without fading in the slightest.


4. High fire protection:

Class A fire protection allows you to avoid annoying fire problems and protect the lives and property of people. The smoke density, smoke tip height, flue gas humidity, and average value of the remaining length of combustion have all reached or exceeded the Class A composite material standard.


5. High cleanliness:

High self-cleaning and extremely low surface performance.

Surface dust can be directly cleaned by water;

Excellent hydrophobicity (maximum water absorption rate is less than 5%) and oil repellent;

Extremely low coefficient of friction (0.15-0.17), will not stick to dust and scale, and has good antifouling performance;


6. High energy-saving:

It has good thermal insulation performance. Under normal circumstances, the use of excellent antibacterial clean board no longer needs the back-pad insulation material, which can more effectively meet the national 65% energy-saving standards. Sound insulation, sound absorption and earthquake resistance have the international advanced level of building interior decoration, interior partition decoration material requirements.


7. Corrosion resistance:

The characteristics of inorganic plate will not cause corrosion like metal material, even if the surface coating is damaged, it will not corrode, pollute the clean space, affect the appearance and affect the fixed parts.


With the development of science and technology, the requirements of antistatic, antibacterial and dustproof in the field of clean engineering are getting higher and higher. Sparks caused by static electricity are prone to fire and explosion, and will affect the normal operation of electronic equipment; environmental pollution generates more germs, and some antibiotics have been ineffectively suppressed. In response to higher demand of china clean room sandwich panels, our company is the first to launch high-efficiency antistatic, antibacterial, dustproof and clean boards in the field of cleaning. 




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