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Use of pass box for clean room items in pharmaceutical factories

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Clean and non-clean areas, and adjacent clean rooms of different levels, often need to transfer items, and it is not advisable to transfer items through the door of the clean room. Not only is the opening and closing of the door affecting the positive pressure and cleanliness of the clean room, but it is also difficult to control the flow of people. Therefore, the transport of items in the clean room is usually carried out through the item pass box.


At present, the most popular in China is the pass box with a mechanical chain handle. The pass box is usually installed on the side wall that facilitates the transfer of goods.

 pass box

The pass box is composed of a box with a sealed door with observation windows on both sides. One door opens towards the clean room and the other opens towards the non-clean area or adjacent clean room. The mechanical linkage of the two doors by the handles cannot be opened at the same time, which avoids direct communication between the airflow on both sides of the side wall during the transfer process. Some more demanding pass boxes are equipped with circulating fans with high-efficiency filters in the box, which can supply clean air to blow objects and form airlocks, which are called pass boxes with air bath. Some pharmaceutical factories are also equipped with ultraviolet lamps in the delivery window, with the intention of killing bacteria attached to the outside of the incoming items. However, the effect of ultraviolet light is limited when the irradiation time is short.


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