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Air Volume Tester Air Volume Tester

The air volume tester is widely used in HVAC, purification technology and other industries,which can provide accurate airflow measurement data.

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The air volume tester adopts the principle of the pitot tube, which performs multi-point and multiple-time automatic detection on wind pressure, and produces average air volume (m3/h) with correct, fast and simple features. 

In order to facilitate the customer's on-site inspection work, our company is equipped with a mobile bracket, which can be raised by up to 2.2m (including the air volume meter body 1m), and the overall size can be increased to 3.2m. The air volume meter can measure the air supply port and the air return port for convenience. Each air purifier is factory calibrated through a strict 0.5-level standard wind tunnel, and the device performs multi-point air volume correction, which provides a reliable guarantee for the user to measure the air volume.

The air volume cover is customized to any size, with a maximum size of 1550*1550mm2 and a maximum height of 4 meters.

The main technical parameters:

1. measuring range 100 ~ 4500m3 / h;
2. relative error full scale ± 5% FS;
3. display mode LCD;
4. self-resistance ≤ 5Pa;
5. hood size 570 × 570 (mm2) or 830×830 (mm2);
6. power supply DC7.2V;
7. working hours, full power up to 10h;
8. data storage 1000 groups.




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