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Aluminum Honeycomb Clean Room Sandwich Panel Aluminum Honeycomb Clean Room Sandwich Panel

Flybol-made clean room panel with insulating core aluminum honeycomb, has a nice-looking appearance, sound insulation, thermal insulation, shock resistance, and fire-proof performance.

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Flybol’s aluminum honeycomb panel has its own features. It’s sandwich panels made by hand. An inner insulation core between two steel sheet layers is in the panels. The insulating core is aluminum hexagonal honeycomb. it is applicated in many aspects: floors, roofs, doors, partitions, facades, working surfaces for automatic machines and for all products which require an optimal stiffness-to-weight-ratio. 

aluminum honeycomb wall panels

Aluminum Honeycomb Material of Wall Panel

Features of Aluminum Honeycomb:

1. Low density: 1/5 of the same thickness of the same board, 1/6 of the glass and 1/7 of the aluminum. It can greatly reduce the construction load and cost;

2. Sound insulation: air insulation up to 30dB because the middle interlayer contains a lot of air;

3. Heat insulation: thermal resistance up to 0.02 (m2 · K / W);

4. No flammable substances, fire rating up to A1;

5. Waterproof, moisture-proof, no harmful gas release;

6. It has extremely high flatness and good seismic performance;

7. Lightweight, high strength and high rigidity: only one-eighth of the specific gravity of the glass curtain wall, and the 22mm thick standard can achieve a load of 700 kilograms or more at simple support of 1 meter and a deflection of 10mm. 

Aluminum Honeycomb Cleanroom Panel

Aluminum honeycomb as panels’ core has several advantages:



Fire resistance

Compression, shear and corrosion resistance


Production of Cleanroom Panels

aluminum honeycomb panel production.jpg

Model             SP-Series 
W (mm)982, 1182
L (mm)50, 75, 100 
Surface0.5mm-0.6mm, Pre-coated steel panel, sus304
Core MaterialRock wool, Magnesium sulfate, Glass magnesium, Aluminum honeycomb, Silicon rock panel
Installation Method“中"Aluminum




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