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Clean Floor Drain Clean Floor Drain

This product is made of 304 (316, 316L) materials as a whole. The product can solve the problems of dredging, cleaning, water sealing, gas sealing and spray cooling when water and gas mix.

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Clean floor drain is an important interface between the drainage pipe system and the indoor floor. We usually see more in the kitchen and toilet. The performance of floor drain directly affects the indoor air quality.


1.Against the stench:

When there is water in the floor drain core, the water seal and the sealing plate are sealed to prevent odor, so as to achieve double anti odor effect; when there is no water in the floor drain core, the sealing plate is sealed to prevent odor; when there is water sealing and no water sealing in the floor drain core, the complete anti odor effect can be achieved.

2.Fast drainage:

When there is a shower room with a floor drain with slow drainage, the ground sewage will overflow the toes, and it is easy to slip. If the water in the bathroom cannot be discharged for a long time, bacteria will grow in the walls and floor drains, and more seriously, it will overflow the bathroom and erode the floor. When installing our floor drain, the water will flow smoothly along the arc, and the residue at the bottom will be brought out. As long as the hair and other sundries on the floor drain grate are cleaned in time, it is almost free of disassembly and cleaning when there is water flow.

3.Mosquito proof:

Under the condition of no drainage, the sealing plate remains closed, and mosquitoes, cockroaches, rats and other pests have no chance to enter the room.

4.Easy to clean:

After the domestic floor drain is used for a period of time, some dirt will be attached to the surface. Compared with the floor drain made of other materials, the stainless steel floor drain is easier to clean. It can be taken out and washed. Generally, it does not need maintenance during its service life, and it also avoids the cost and trouble of replacement.

Technical Parameter:


Clean floor drain
MaterialStainless steel 304 ,316,316L
Size DN50  DN75  DN80  DN100   DN150   DN200 and non-standard customized floor drain
ApplicationIt is mainly used in various pharmaceutical factories, chemical factories, food factories, beverage factories, drainage workshops, clean interval drainage, Class C, Class D purification interval drainage accessories
TypeFixed floor drain,Movable floor drain,Circular floor drain,Square floor drain




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