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The clean bench is a local air purification device that provides a sterile clean working environment with a vertical or horizontal unidirectional airflow purification principle. It is widely used in applications requiring a clean environments such as medicine, bio-pharmaceutical, electronics, cell culture, and sterility experiments.

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cleanroom gowning bench

Suzhou Flybol's clean room bench plays an important role in many laboratories. The laboratory's working environment must be completely sterile. Flybol ensures the best protection for users.


Flybol offers a wide range of stainless steel workbenches that fully meet the latest safety and ergonomic requirements. They are easy to use and clean as well.


We also offer the option if you need a specially customized clean room workstation bench.

Technical Parameter


Overall DIM (LxWxH)(mm)900x600x17001040x900x14501200x600x17001640x900x14501915x740x1460
Working DIM (LxWxH) (mm)760x650x600900x650x6001050x650x6001500x650x6001895x480x610
Test StandardUS Federal Standard 209E
Air Volume (m3/h)780900115015001800
Air Volume ( m3/h)
0.36-0.50 m/s
Cleanliness100 Class (ISO14644-1)
Size of HEPA
Material304 Stainless Steel
Power Supply
220V, 50HZ
Noise<60 dB
<60 dB<60 dB<60 dB<62 dB
No. of Operator
SingleSingleSingleDouble or threeThree or four




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