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Applications: Widely used in color steel plate wall purification engineering, covering medicine, food, cosmetics, electronic manufacturing industry; Advantages: Fireproof and durable, beautiful appearance, no outstanding overall, easy to clean, good tightness.

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Windows play an important role in ensuring the cleanliness of the clean room. It is vital for a clean room to keep all exits, inlets and openings in the clean room safe always. 

Cleanroom Window, also called View Panel, Sight Window or View Window which are classified into three types according to sealing media, nitrogen, vacuum or desiccant.

Without edges or corners, the fully-flush window is easier to clean. It doesn't accumulate micro-organisms or dust particles. Available window shapes include round corners and full-length window panels.

The flush glazed vision panel should be installed in a wall system to obtain a complete flush surface. Flush windows can be integrated into the return air wall to reduce air interruption. Double flat glass windows can be used in most designs.


1. Both sides flushed glazed vision panels

2. Various thickness available: 50/100/150mm (same thickness as wall panel).

3. Dimension can be customized in terms of length, width and height.

4. Three corner types: right-angled, round or right-angled outside and round inside.

5. Overlapping flanges to both sides of the opening

6. Screen printed borders bonded to the glass

7. Like the cleanroom door, our cleanroom window can fit in with the wall panel.

View Window Options:

Flybol offers several clean room window options, ranging from round corners window, square windows to full-length window panel. Our specialists can help you determine which window shape will best suit your purpose.

Cleanroom round corners window

Round Corners Window

Clean room view panel-sample

Square Corners Window

cleanroom full length view panel

Full-length Window


Fire-rated option - Up to 60 minutes

Mullion for larger openings

Acoustic upgrades

PPC finish available in any RAL/BS color

Model              DGW-Series
W (mm)982, 1182, 2400 or customized
H (mm)≤2400mm or can be customized
T (mm)50, 75, 100 or customized
Glass5mm double-laver tempered glass, 20mm black frame
Frame304 or 316 Stainless Steel, Aluminum alloy
Installation Method“中"Aluminum

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