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Dust particle counter (FB-OPC-310) Dust particle counter (FB-OPC-310)

The FB-OPC-310 touch screen laser dust particle counter is a new generation of high-end dust particle counter developed by the company. Color LCD touch screen control, large visual interface makes operation easier.

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The product adopts imported German Thomas air pump, which has lower noise and less electromagnetic interference. The power supply adopts large-capacity lithium-ion battery and DC power adapter to convert and supply power. The shape design is bright, the volume is small, the weight is light, the use is convenient, and the stainless steel case can better meet the requirements. The requirements of GMP are the first choice for pharmaceutical companies to enter the international market and are also necessary means for filter factory testing.

Instrument function setting: data storage capacity, up to 10000 groups; sampling points, sampling times, can be set from 2~50; sampling period, can be set from 5 to 9999s; sampling delay, can be set from 1 to 100s; built-in heat The sensitive printer prints the report directly, which provides a very economical and convenient solution for the validation of cleanrooms. The inspection standard is in full compliance with the relevant provisions of GB/T6167-2007 / JJF1190-2008.

The main technical parameters:

1. sampling flow 100L / min
2. monitoring channel 0.3μm-10.0μm (6 channels)
3. self-cleaning time ≤ 10min
4. repeat deviation ≤ ± 10% FS
5. distribution error ≤ ± 30%
6. indication error ≤ ± 30%
7. power supply DC16.8V built-in lithium-ion battery
8. communication interface USB, RS232
9. data storage 10000 groups
10. laser life >50000h
11. dimensions 245 × 255 × 235mm3 (width × depth × height)
12. product net weight 8.5kg




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