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Dust particle counter(FB-CLJ-E310) Dust particle counter(FB-CLJ-E310)

FB-CLJ-E301 Laser Dust Particle Counter is used to measure the size and number of dust particles per unit volume of air in a clean environment. It can directly detect clean environments with a cleanliness level of 300,000 to 10 levels.

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The instrument adopts semiconductor laser light source and liquid crystal display. It has a small volume, light weight, high detection precision, simple and clear function operation, computer control, storage and printing of sampling results, and testing of a clean environment is very convenient.

Widely used in electronics, optics, chemicals, food, cosmetics, medical and health, biological products, aerospace, and other departments.

I. Technical indicators: (Execute the JJF1190-2008 dust particle counting verification procedure)
Self-cleaning time: ≤10min
Repeatability: ≤±10%FS
Particle size distribution error: ≤ ± 30%
Particle concentration indication error: ≤ ± 30%
Sampling flow error: 2.83L/min ≤ ± 5%
Safety performance: insulation resistance >20M (normal atmospheric conditions)

II. Other parameters:
Power supply 220VAC±10%50HZ
Maximum measurable particle concentration: ≤300,000 / 2.83 liters
Particle size binning: 0.3, 0.5, 1, 3, 5, 10 (um)
Measurable purification level range: any level between 100 and 300,000
Dimensions: 270 × 210 × 120mm (width × length × height)
Weight: 3.5Kg

III. The conditions of use:
Temperature: 5 ° C - 35 ° C
Relative humidity: RH≤75%
Normal atmospheric pressure, purifying the environment

1. The built-in printer that automatically prints test results.
2. With detailed instructions, certificate, test report, warranty card, tripod, printing paper, the method of use is simple and clear, easy to operate, aluminum alloy exquisite packaging, easy to carry, with detachable movable telescopic adjustment measuring tube.




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