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Glass Magnesium Cleanroom Panels Glass Magnesium Cleanroom Panels

Flybol-made clean room modular panel with insulating core glass magnesium, has a nice-looking appearance, sound insulation, thermal insulation, shock resistance, and fire-proof performance.

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Flybol’s hollow magnesium panel is handmade sandwich panels that consist of an inner insulation core between two steel sheet layers (layer material can be color-coated steel or stainless steel or melamine). The insulating core is magnesium. Hollow magnesium sandwich panels can be used as wall panels or ceilings.

Glass Magnesium Cleanroom Panel in Stock

Advantages of Glass magnesium board:

1. sound absorption, shockproof, pest control, waterproof and moisture, light anti-corrosion, non-toxic, tasteless, and pollution-free.


2. With good fireproof performance, it is a non-combustible sheet and the flame has continuous burning time of zero. It does not burn at 800°C and does not catch fire at 1200°C. The glass magnesium board reaches the highest fire and noncomputability rating A1. The partition system made of the high-quality keel has a fire-resistance limit of 3 hours. When burning in a fire, it can absorb a large amount of thermal energy and delay the rise in ambient temperature.

3. Directly being painted, direct veneer, pneumatic nails are available. Good color ability in its surface, high strength, resistance to bending toughness, can be nailed, sawed and sticky, easy decoration are also its highlights.


4. Combining with a variety of insulation materials and form composite insulation sheet is feasible as well.

Technical Parameters:

Model             SP-Series 
W (mm)982, 1182
L (mm)50, 75, 100 
Surface0.5mm-0.6mm, Pre-coated steel panel, sus304
Core MaterialRock wool, Magnesium sulfate, Glass magnesium, Aluminum honeycomb, Silicon rock panel
Installation Method“中"Aluminum




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