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Planktonic Sampler Planktonic Sampler

The FB-FKC-III type plankton sampler is a highly efficient porous inhalation microbial collector.

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The FB-FKC-III type plankton sampler is designed according to the theory of constant velocity sampling. The sampling is direct, and the wind speed at the head is basically the same as that in the clean room, which accurately reflects the concentration of microorganisms in the clean room. At the time of sampling, the dust-carrying air passes through the micropores at a high speed, and is uniformly hit on the surface of the agar in the culture dish; the collection efficiency of the active particles in accordance with the ISO 14698-1 standard is greatly improved. The system design optimizes the impact velocity and ensures biological efficiency.

The instrument is controlled by a computer board and low noise pump sampling, so the operation is simple and the performance is stable. The collection head is made of aluminum.

Technical Parameters:

1. The sampling flow rate is 100L/min, and the flow error is ±5%;
2. The sampling volume is set from 100 to 3000L;
3. The diameter of the micropore is Ф0.6;
4. The power supply is the built-in battery, rechargeable, and can work continuously for 6-8 hours;
5. The size of the culture dish is Ф90*15mm;
6. The display window is the display, Chinese menu, visual setting parameters;
7. Can store at least 500 sets of collected data, and can be printed by a dedicated printer;
8. Working temperature 0 ~ 40 ° C, humidity 10 ~ 75% ° C;
9. The weight is less than 7kg;
10. With self-protection function.




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