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Rockwool Clean Room Panel Rockwool Clean Room Panel

Flybol-made clean room panel with insulating core rockwool, has a nice-looking appearance, sound insulation, thermal insulation, shock resistance, and fire-proof performance.

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Cleanroom Sandwich Panels in Stock


Rock wool board is a new type of thermal insulation, heat insulation and sound-absorbing material. Rock wool sandwich panels are commonly used as wall panels. Flybol's rock wool clean room panel is a hand-made sandwich panel consisting of an internal insulating core between steel layers. The insulating core is a Level A fire-resistant material-rock wool.

china rock wool clean room panel

Rock Wool Material

Features of Rock Wool:

1. It has the highest fire rating A1, which can effectively prevent the fire from spreading.

2. The size is very stable and will not stretch, shrink and deform during a fire.

3. High-temperature resistance, melting point higher than 1000 °C.

4. No smoke or burning droplets/fragments in the fire.

5. Do not release substances and gases that are harmful to the environment.


Advantages of Rock Wool Sandwich Panel:

1. Better thermal insulation

2. Good fire resistance

3. Easy to installation

4. Good smoothness

Model             SP-Series 
W (mm)982, 1182
L (mm)50, 75, 100 
Surface0.5mm-0.6mm, Pre-coated steel panel, sus304
Core MaterialRock wool, Magnesium sulfate, Glass magnesium, Aluminum honeycomb, Silicon rock panel
Installation Method“中"Aluminum




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